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Adoption Readings

These books have been recommended by parents affiliated with the Ephesians 3:20 Foundation as helpful resources as you plan your adoption and wait for your child.

Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families & Churches
Russell D. Moore and C.J. Mahaney

Successful Adoption: A Guide for Christian Families
Natalie Nichols Gillespie

Forever Families: God’s Gift of Adoption
Natalie Sutyak and Jennifer Sweeney

Ladybug Love: 100 Chinese Adoption Match Day Stories
Kat LaMons and Trish Diggins

God Found Us You
Lisa Tawn Bergren and Laura J. Bryant

God Gave Me You – A Rhyming Picture Book for Young Children and Their Parents
Cindy Bracken

Called to Adoption: A Christian’s Guide to Answering the Call
Mardie Caldwell, Heather Featherston, and Terry Meeuwsen

Shepherding a Child’s Heart
Tedd Tripp

Instructing a Child’s Heart
Tedd & Margy Tripp

Truth & Grace Memory Book #1
Tom Ascol